by Richard Kaczynski

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

मास्टर THERION

Aleister Crowley was also known as MASTER THERION and wrote THE BOOK OF THOTH, which is a 'treatise' on THE TAROT, as understood and practiced by him and some of his 'disciples' as well as others in the line of descent from once famous GOLDEN DAWN,of which I shall have some other things to say perhaps at another time....... "The CROWLEY DECK is a special TAROT rendition which Crowley indicated for construction that features things he felt were more important than the 'standard' or 'accepted' decks others utilized........ Crowley was very astute in some of his observations and deductions about the TAROT as well as very sarcastic and sometimes scathing in his criticisms of other practitioners and developers of similar occult materials.....but such is often overlooked because of his 'brilliance' and 'intelligence' that seems to fascinate many and outshine his obvious 'defects', 'attitudes','shortcomings' and the like........ Those who wish to pursue a deeper study and/or utilization of the TAROT DECKS of any and all kinds, should do so but also include some study of other systems and groups in this endeavor for various of which is to become familiar with the symbolism involved in all of them as much as is possible, which can be confusing and intricate, but worth the effort......... MASTER THERION (Crowley) is the identity that Crowley assumed after certain 'occult' rituals and this is but one of several he used in his 'work' a magician and occultist, Crowley seems unique in many respects and that is his appeal......he is also 'deceptive' and a 'joker' as well....but those reading him in what works they can obtain, many of which are expensive despite being in print after some periods of long suppression and rarity.....will soon find all this out.....and reading about his life by various authors will delight, disgust, and fascinate additionally, provided one remembers the times in which he lived and not merely the notoriety he received and probably enjoyed to the fullest...